Thursday, December 6, 2007

St. Joseph Church Website

Here's a good news for all parishioners of Mira Road, Mumbai, India.
The Local Church of Mira Road has started a website for the church

St. Joseph Church, one of the most vibrant and dynamic parishes in mumbai ranks second with respect to the numbers of parishioners. Run by the Carmalite priests the church has seen a lot of changes and efforts to make it more dynamic and improve the spiritual well beig of the people.

This Website contains all information regarding the various church activities and a brif discription of the various association and cell formed in the church as well as the information of the choirs , history of the parish , the preists that have serverd the parish over the years.

The wesite was developed as an initiative taken by Fr. Rudolf D'souza, the then parish priest and under his guidance the webiste was developed by Mr. Merwyn Mathew - the Designer and Concept Head and Mrs. Dancia Jos - Website and Software Programming Head.

The photographs of the various feast celebration have also been posted on the website.

So just log onto and browse through the website.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


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Monday, October 1, 2007

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Planet Perplex
Here’s a great resource for those with a penchant for the cryptic. Planet perplex has a wonderful collection of optical illusions, ambiguous images, puzzles and word-games; all neatly categorised. Quite cool, this one

Geographic Statics

If you’re looking for world-related statistics to spruce up your reports, Xist, aka GeoHive is the place to go to. The resource is filled with information such as population statistics of regions, countries, provinces and cities. Next to that, there are statistics on economic factors like wealth, infrastructure; statistics on natural phenomena, and more. The site is structured into several parts to make for ease of navigation. Check it out…

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World War 2 - A Photo Album

Today’s Web site offers a fascinating look into the German side of affairs in World War II. The apolitical site tries to capture a daily account of the war, focusing on the Third Reich’s perspective. A great resource for history buffs!

Those who like mythology might want to check out the Theoi Project. The resource is dedicated to exploring Greek mythology with the aim of providing a free reference guide to the gods (theoi), spirits (daimones), and fabulous creatures (theres) of ancient Greece. The project profiles each deity and creature on a dedicated page, which also incorporates an encyclopaedia summary, quotes from ancient Greek and Roman literature, and illustrations from ancient art. The site presently contains more than 1,500 pages profiling the Greek gods and other characters from Greek mythology and 1,200 full sized pictures. Great fun reading, this.